Corporate Workshops

Our workshops help organisations improve their innovation capacity and technological readiness to develop sustainable products & services.

Ensure Product-Market Fit

Co-Create with Customers

Rapidly Prototype Solutions

Develop Unusual Partnerships

Corporate innovation in organisations is often rigid, and large organisations are not designed to incorporate new business models in day-to-day business. We currently live in the age of speed, and sustainable innovation is thus a requirement to tackle the challenges ahead.

Our workshops develop employee capability, address structural challenges, all while including sustainability considerations as part of a larger focus.

We can customize our workshops to suit your organisational needs.

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Our workshops allow you to:

  • Gain awareness of thinking frameworks & technologies that ensure sustainability and implementation for your ideas to make an impact on the wider community

  • Diagnose and tackle resistant mindset issues with encouraging sustainable innovation frameworks

  • Accelerate understanding & see the possibilities of sustainability in your organisation

Sustainable Innovation:

  Keep up-to-date and aligned with the global movement towards sustainability and SDGs 2020.   Governments and private sector companies are aligning business strategies to deliver UN’s SDGs 2020.   Understand the sustainability movement and see the opportunities within.   Through the programme, you will learn the sustainability trends for the years ahead and how they will impact your business.   The futures thinking workshop will allow you to plan ahead for these trends using innovative ideas.   Takeaway an understanding of sustainability trends towards 2020. Full day workshop Suitable for: ✔ Corporate leaders who want to delve and unpack relevant trends ✔ Corporate leaders that want to capitalise on current trends while considering sustainability ✔ Organisations that wish to evolve with change, and become future-ready
Program Description: 1. Discover the Sustainability Trends that will impact your business and the opportunities that lie within
a. What is sustainability, and what are the SDG goals for 2020? b. How are businesses affected by climate change and resource scarcity? drought
2. Futures thinking and Scenario Planning:
a. What is futures thinking and how can it help future plans, extending the longevity of your business? automation

Technology Implementation:

With Internet of Things (IoT), you can gather more accurate data and control ofyour hardware to create more value for your organisation.

This half-day beginner workshop is an introduction to Internet of Things with a hands-on activity.

Objectives: - What is IoT? What can it do? - Designing IoT solutions. - Hands-on: Prototyping your first IoT solution. Duration:​ 3 hours