Consultancy Packages

Do you prefer quick sprints or are you able to dedicate more time to experiment with creating new value? Our consulting packages incorporate sustainable innovation frameworks, the latest technologies and offer you access to our open innovation community.
Sprints For Sustainability

Fast paced corporate innovation incubation program, for quick results and multiple prototypes.

(1 - 2 months)

Our services include:

✓ Innovation, Ideation consulting
✓ One or Two-day Hackathon (Internal or External)
✓ Rapid prototyping
✓ Innovation review and guidance

Market Ready for Sustainability

Long frame corporate innovation incubation program, for detailed results and market ready prototypes by your project teams.

(3 - 6 months)

Our services include:

✓ Innovation Capability Assessment
✓ Innovation, Ideation consulting
✓ Open or Internal Innovation Sprint over 2-4 months, including
  –   High Resolution Prototyping
  –   Innovation Review and Guidance
  –   Corporate Strategy and Business Model Counselling
  –   User testing of product
  –   Market Validation
  –   Pilot Run

Sample Engagements:

Nippon Closures Co Ltd

Housing Development Board