PlastiCity SG

Who Are We? 

PlastiCity is a community project aimed to tackle the problem of plastic waste in Singapore, having been inspired by Precious Plastic (a global online community that tackles plastic waste by sharing knowledge on how to build your own plastic recycling machines to encourage domestic recycling). We are hosted by Community Lab, powered by Sustainable Living Lab based in UWCSEA @ East.

What Do We Do? 

We are making a set of these machines and conducting plastic recycling workshops and roadshows with these machines. This includes live demonstration of how plastic waste can be recycled into new products, thus showing the possibilities of plastic recycling and raising awareness that it is possible to do it by yourself instead of binning it. Come & join us if you’ll like to make a difference in reducing waste for better purposes! 

How We Do It

These machines include a shredder machine, injection machine, extruder machine and compression machine. Plastic waste is first shredded and then melted, for injection or compression into molds, or extruded into filament.

What Kind of Plastic Do We Recycle? 

How To Clean Plastic Before Recycling

  1. Rinse & wash the plastic, make sure there are no food or liquid contaminants left!
  2. Remove any stickers or labels. There are a few ways to do this:-
    1. The easiest way is to soak the container in hot soapy water for a few minutes. The label will get soft and you can peel it off with a scraper such as a plastic card.
    2. If there is still stubborn sticky residue left, the best way to remove it is to use Zippo lighter fluid to dissolve it, then wipe off with sponge soaked with the lighter fluid.

Join Us! 

  • As a volunteer. We can train you to become a knowledgable advocate. Sign up here.
  • As a corporate partner

Contact us at for any enquiries, we’ll love to have you with us!

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