Building Movements for Sustainability

As a for-profit social enterprise, our strategy has been to build powerful movements that lead towards a sustainable future. We have contributed to building the Maker Movement in Southeast Asia, the Repair Movement in Singapore and most recently the Sustainable Innovation movement in Asia.

Sustainable Innovation

We believe that is possible for organisations to innovate in an efficient manner and unlock new value by focusing on achieving Sustainability. Through our work in facilitating sustainable innovation efforts with organisations and the community at large, we can help you do more: for your organisation, our environment and our society.
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Purposeful Making

With issues such as resource scarcity and excess waste, we need to critically consider how time and resources are utilised in projects. We prioritise projects that can bring people together to benefit our society and our planet. Join us and let's make together.

Our Community

Who we are

Veerappan Swaminathan

Founder & Director

Farah Sanwari

Executive Director

Arvin Febriyan

Tech Implementation Lead

Benjamin Low

Tech Implementation

Sari Atiqa Ramli

Sustainable Innovation

Terence Ang

Community Making Lead


How we work

1 Q: Does SL2 rent out our makerspace?

A: No we do not subscribe to that business model.

2 Q: What kind of projects would you support at the makerspace?

A: We support community or personal projects in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), e.g. for social or environmental causes.

3Q: Does SL2 run woodworking training workshops?

A: No, but you can learn woodworking as part of a community project being run at our space.

4 Q: Does SL2 offer repair services?

A: No but you can bring your appliance for repair at our Repair Kopitiam. See our Facebook page for the next upcoming session.

5Q: I would like to learn a making skill. Can SL2 help me?

A: We do offer making classes for organisations. As an individual, you can join one of our community projects to learn making skills. Email us for details.

6Q: I am curious to learn about what a makerspace is. Can I visit your lab?

A: Yes, we do provide lab tours for organisations and individuals, but do let us know in advance, and let us know the purpose of your visit.