Sunday Openagritech Session: Vermicomposter – Update #2

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Good news! We are done with another design. Mind you, the design have not been tested, but we are excited to try it and see what our result will be.

The design was catered to first-timers, and therefore we would like to make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible. The bin was designed to be easy to use, and also maximised for quick worm growth. It is also small to minimise the space usage in the apartments.

The bin size will be 30cm x 30cm, divided into 4 smaller compartment to allow users to start vermicomposting in one of the small compartments with only 100 gram worth of worms. The smaller compartments allows the worms to have more contact with each other, encouraging quick breeding. The separation or barrier between the compartments are porous to allow the worm to migrate to other compartment in case the internal condition in the first compartment deteriorate due to a mistake in feeding, or when the population in the first container is too much. When this happens, user will put food material at the second compartment and thus enlarge the habitat surface area. Once the bin is filled or the worm is of a certain population (population number is estimated by the numbers of days of vermicomposting bin operation, to be determined determined by our experiment), the subsequent boxes will be utilised. When all 4 containers have been used, users will attach the second container on top of the first and put food into the second container to encourage worm to migrate upwards.

The 3D drawing here.

Vermicomposter ver 1

We are currently sourcing for material to be used, and coming up with a good experimental method to be used to compare the effectiveness of this method compared to the typical method. So stay tuned! You are welcome to join us in making/ testing the system as well if you are interested. We believe that if the community come together, we can come up with a great design that we all can share!