Sunday Openagritech Session: Vermicomposter – Update #1

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In this edition of Sunday Openagritech Session, we learned about the science behind vermicomposting. In vermicomposting, we use various worm species to turn food waste into nutrient-rich material for our plants!

The Sunday Morning Maker aims to address food sustainability issues in Singapore by conducting community driven open hardware innovation. We hope that by gathering the skills and talent of the community, we will be able to produce something that is effective and simple to produce.

Going through a document that was put together by our friend Robin, we learned about the important parameters to take note in vermicomposting such as temperature and humidity.

Image from Arvin

The document also shows the best practices in vermicomposting, along with some suggestions for first timers.

You can check out the document here.

After going through the content, we spent some time ideating possible design for the vermicomposter. Meanwhile, Vivian shared the kombucha that she has made. It tasted really great!

We ended up with 2 possible designs. One design is mimicking a drawer to eliminate lifting up of the layered compartments. The other design is by using a dim sum container to contain the worm. How exciting!

This weekend, we will meet again to analyse current vermicomposter designs and see what can be changed from the design. If you would like to join us, please contact