REKA Make-A-Chair™

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REKA Make-A-Chair™: No Nails, Only Fun!

Always wanted to build a chair? Now’s the time for you to “Make-A-Chair” you’ve always wanted. Inspired by minimalist design, “Make-A-Chair” brings simplicity to your home. It’s so simple and safe that your kids will love the chairs, and also the family making experience too.

“Make-A-Chair” comes in a pair (a set of 2 kid-sized chairs), flat-packed with a mallet (to help you or your kid hit the pieces into place) and sandpapers (to refine your finish). If you like, you could add in a ‘Painting Kit’ to brighten up your chairs. Make it a family bonding experience, where you and your young one could help make the 2 chairs, without the hassle and danger of hammer and nails. With the ‘Painting Kit’, make the chairs uniquely yours.

Fixed into 2 beautiful masterpieces like a Jigsaw puzzle, “Make-A-Chair” would fit in beautifully in your home, adding a tinge of creativity and wonder to your sustainable lifestyle.

Inspire your kid’s future! “Make-A-Chair” today!

Select Set (includes 2 chairs, 1 mallet, sandpaper and delivery)
Painting Kit (includes 2 brushes, 1 palette and 1 paint tube)



Each kit consists of:

  • REKA puzzle pieces for 2 chairs (12 long pieces and 4 H-pieces)
  • 1 mallet
  • 3 pieces of sandpaper
  • Painting Kit (to be added): 2 brushes, 1 palette and 1 paint tube
  • Price includes home delivery (for Singapore)

To our supportive fans beyond Singapore, we provide overseas delivery charges upon request. For more info including distributorship, simply drop us an email at