Openagritech Session: Vermicomposter – Update #3

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We have built our first vermicomposter prototype! As explained in the previous post, this vermicomposter is designed for beginners. The modular design allows for mistakes i.e. users need to only rectify/ reset one module instead of the whole bin in case of environment change such as overheating, pH change, etc.

The material is easily obtainable, and the build is simple.

Material required:

  • Anti-slip surface: this one is 30 cm x 30 cm

1. the raw material

  • cable tie

Tool required:

  • Shear


  1.  Cut the anti slip surface to 15 cm x 15 cm base. Take note that for this particular material, the surface is divided into small square of side 7.5 cm.
    1. 2. Cutting the base
  2. Cut four sides of 7.5 cm x 15 cm panels for the sides
    1. 3. cutting the sides
    2. 4. done cutting the side
  3. Cut off the excess material at the sides.
    1. 5. cleaning the leftover bit at the side
  4. Here is the material required for one module, ready to be assembled!
    1. 6. One set worth of material ready to be assembled
  5. Use cable tie to secure the pieces together!
    1. 7 using cable tie to secure the pieces together
  6. Cut excess cable tie.
    1. 8. cutting the excess cable tie
  7. One done. Three to go!
    1. 9. one done!
  8. Four modules done. Now they can be installed to your existing vermicomposter, or you can make or purchase a simple container.
    1. 10. four cubes

With the four modules ready, the next thing we are going to do are the following:

  1. Make a box to contain the four modules.
  2. Create a bottom container to collect worm tea.
  3. Make a cover for the vermicomposter.

The completed product will look something like this:

11. How will this be assembled


Afterwards, we are going to test this vermicomposter design. So exciting!