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Reviving the iBam Spirit!

iBam 2 in the Outdoors

World’s first mobile next-generation bamboo speaker for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Sony, Nokia, etc

Voted as the Top Green Product, everything about the iBam™ makes a great gift. As you share your music with friends outdoors or simply listening indoors at home, hotel or even yoga studios, you ‘speak out’ in going the extra mile to give back to local communities and Nature.

Aspiring for simplicity in design, beauty in sound and excellence in ethics and aesthetics, our engineers, designers and craftsmen invented and patented the iBam™, the world’s first compact electricity-free bamboo speaker for any mobile phone.

iBam2 Renaissance

The iBam™ preserves the original natural skin of the bamboo while being handcrafted into its signature shape. Now, with an elegant natural handstitched pouch, you can bring your eco green speaker almost anywhere.

iBam™ is the next generation green amplifier for all you music lovers. Ethically sourced, handcrafted with pride and love at village labs, the iBam™ is your choice of speaker for any mobile phone. Requiring absolutely no power source so that you can enjoy your favourite music a little louder and greener too!

As seen on TechCrunch, CNET, Business Times, Challenge:Future, TED and many more…


Each exclusive package includes:

– Original iBam™ (handcrafted by the finest bamboo artisans in Southeast Asia including Indonesia in the spirit of reviving tradition)

– Elegant white protective natural pouch (beautifully hand-stitched by single/stay-at-home mothers)

– Special limited edition badge

– iBam Story leaflet (with inspiring stories and instructions to take care of the iBam)

 An introduction to the iBam 2 Story from Sustainable Living Lab on Vimeo.

iBam™ revives the spirit of sustainability, the hope in craftsmanship and the mission of fair trade and social empowerment. We believe that each of us can play a small part in reviving this vision: For a greener digital world!

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