Sustainable Living Lab
Bring Making to your Classroom Planning Corporate Programs? Planning a Hackathon?

Bring Making to your Classroom

At SL2 we teach because we do. Bring the maker movement into your classroom through our unique offering of social innovation and entrepreneurship, applied learning and values in action programs.

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Planning Corporate Programs?

Have us organize your next corporate program! Our corporate programs involve elements of Making, Sustainable Living and Social Good. What’s more, we are conveniently located in town!

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Planning a Hackathon?

We pioneered hardware hackathons in Asia that combined all the good stuff such as futures thinking, digital fabrication, social good, electronics prototyping and the Internet of Things!

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Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) is a social innovation lab that harnesses the energy of the maker movement to build a sustainable future. We implement real sustainable change and use that as our framework for education.

Social Innovation

SL2 builds its business through our community. This model of involving makers in every project has allowed us to pioneer new social initiatives to change a buy-and-throw-away culture and help at-risk youth.

Purposeful Making

As makers ourselves, we leverage the maker movement to bring technical expertise to bring new ideas to support Physical Therapy, Humanitarian Engineering, Agrotech & Upcycling.


Bringing making and entrepreneurship into the classroom is a great way to inspire students. As a tool for values and applied learning, our approach imparts meaning and offers multiple paths of success.

Mindset Change

Leverage our maker community to effect real change in your industry by empowering your team through making and finding meaning in their work through social collaborations.