Our GoalPurposeful Making For A Sustainable Future

At Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), we aim to build a sustainable future through community building, technology experimentation and social innovation. We are organized as a group of social enterprises.

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With the SDGs there are tremendous opportunities to create sustainable value. A different mindset will be required – a Maker Mindset.Veerappan Swaminathan, SL2 Co-Founder

Here’s What We Can DoLet’s work together.


Build Capacity

We bring to you proven systems that will create a self-reinforcing innovation & learning culture in your organization.

Grow Ideas

Explore new thinking tools, create innovation platforms and experiment with innovation models that have sustainability at their heart.

Improve Impact

We amplify your positive impact by leveraging and implementing appropriate technologies directly on the ground.

Our OfferingsCheck out our programs.

  • Sustainable Innovation Academy

    Workshops on Design Thinking, Biomimicry, Futures Thinking, Circular Design, Systems Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas Design that result in sustainable value creation.

  • Community Impact

    Curation of self-driven learning communities in just 8 weeks to achieve outcomes such as civic mindedness, digital inclusion and/or community cohesion.

  • Tech For Good

    Creation of physical and virtual innovation platforms such as makerspaces, hackathons and design challenges to bring sustainable innovations to life.

Our ImpactOur stats at a glance.

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