Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) is a social innovation lab that harnesses the energy of the maker movement to build a Sustainable Future.

What We Do

We build & maintain positive social capital, work to protect & restore the natural environment and create economic activity that is conducive to sustainable human development.

Mindset Change

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambigous) world. Navigating such a world requires a growth mindset, a bias for action and a high degree of personal resilience. We work with individuals and organizations to expose them to the Maker Mindset.

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Future Making

At the heart of Sustainability is the need to think & act long term. The Future Making unit draws upon concepts from behavioural science, systems thinking and futures thinking to encourage people and organizations to start thinking and taking action with a long term perspective.

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The Repair Project focuses on addressing the prevalent & pervasive buy-and-throw-away culture in Singapore and the region. We use the restorative act of repair to develop positive environmental action, deep community engagement and useful life skills development.

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With depleting water tables, massive rural to urban migration and climate change uncertainties, food security is a major challenge of our times. The AgriTech unit experiments at the intersection of technology, social sciences, and economics to secure a sustainable urban food supply.

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Learn, Make & Share

Wouldn’t it be cool to make your furniture from pallet wood or even waste cardboard? Now you too can incorporate sustainability in your daily living by participating in our Upcycling classes.

If sharing about Sustainability with the community is your cup of tea, then our volunteer programmes will be perfect for you! You’ll get training in practical skills for repair, upcycling and long term thinking (among many others!) which they can go on to share with the community.

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Companies & Organizations

Sustainability Innovation

“Sustainability is now the key driver of Innovation” – Harvard Business Review

Sustainability may often be relegated to a CSR activity, but it can be so much more than that! The Circular Economy, Sharing Economy, Internet of Things – all of the latest thinking in innovation is grounded in the need to build sustainable business models that take into account our planet’s finite resources.

We conduct foresight studies, organize strategy workshops and develop open innovation programs (think hackathons, design jams, immersions) to help your organization create new products and new service models for a Sustainable Future.

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Educational Institutions

Purpose Driven Making!

Interested in Sustainability, Purposeful Making and Futures Making programs for your students, teachers or school leaders? We have a variety of programs to offer that can be tailored to the needs of your educational institution.
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